The Residents "Old-Time Religion" Wormwood Live 1999 NYC04:28

The Residents "Old-Time Religion" Wormwood Live 1999 NYC

Wormwood live

Front cover of the "Wormwood Live 1999" double cd.

"Wormwood Live 1999" is a double cd released by The Residents. It was recorded at numerous European shows. It was released as a limited edition of 1,200 in 1999.

Track ListingEdit


- In the Beginning

- Welcome to Wormwood

- Mr. Skull's Rave pt.1

- How to get a Head

- Mr.Misery 

- Tent Peg in a Temple

- Mr.Skull's Rave pt.2

- God's Magic Finger

- Dinah and the Unclean Skin

- Cain and Abel

- Mr.Skull's Rave pt.3

- Burn Baby Burn

- Firefall


- King of Kings

- Skull Prayer

- Mr.Skull's Rave pt.4

- Abraham

- Bridegroom of Blood

- Mr.Skull's Rave pt.5

- David

- Judas Saves

- Old Time Religion

- Jesus Loves Me


"King of Kings" was written by Miklo Rozsa, and "Old Time Religion" and "Jesus Loves Me" are both Traditional songs. 

- All the copies are hand- numbered.   

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