The Residents-Almost Perfect

The Residents-Almost Perfect

"Tweedles" is a concept album by the Residents. The story revolves around a sexual predator that has numerous internal conflicts. It is soon found out that he has a alter-ego in the form of a clown name Tweedles, and he dreams to be an entertainer. It was released in 2006.

Track ListingEdit

- Dreams

- Almost Perfect


Front cover of the "Tweedles" album.

 - Mark of the Male

- Life

- Isolation

- Stop Signs

- Elevation

- Forgiveness

- Insincere

- The Perfect Lover

- Brown Cow

- Sometimes

- Ugly (At the End)

- Keep Talkin'

- Shame on Me

- Susie Smiles


- The cd was released in two forms- one in a jewl case, and and in a hardback book.

- There was a prerelease version of this album, which came with a booklet. The cd came with the normal jewl case catalouge number.

- There is an instrumental version of this album, named "Tabasco". It was released as an mp3 in 2010.