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Welcome to the The Residents Wiki!Edit

Hello fellow rezheads! Welcome to the Residents Wiki. You can learn about ANY Residents release, video, performance, or ANYTHING Residents-themed!

In 1972, many people received a Christmas card like no other. It was actually two 45s, with 4 bizzare, acid like songs. The 4 record set was called "Santa Dog". This was the beginning for the influential anonymous band, The Residents. Since than, they have released more than 100 albums, singles, 20 lives performances, 3 CD-ROMs, and many more uncountable projects. This Wiki page is here to document and acknowledge each and every one of their projects. So sit back, and enjoy.


- The Residents offical Website

- Residents lover forum

- Randy's Blog (Maurice and me)

- Discogs "The Residents" Page

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The eyeballed geniuses!

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