The residents - Where is she

The residents - Where is she

The Census Taker cover

Cover of "The Census Taker" album

"The Census Taker" is the soundtrack for the film of the same name. It was directed by Bruce R. Cook, who hired The Residents to do the soundtrack. It is mostly songs that were released previously, and some new tracks. The new tracks were recorded in 1984, but were released in 1985. The film was released in 1984 as well.

Track ListingEdit

- Creeping Dead

- The Census Taker

- Talk

- End of Home

- Emotional Music

- Secret Seed

- Easter Woman/ Simple Song

- Hellno

- Where is she?

- Innocence Decayed

- Romanian/ Nice Old Man

- Margaret Freeman

- Lights Out/ Where is she?

- Passing The Bottle

- The Census Taker Returns


- Penn Jillete, who worked with The Residents previously, reccomended to Bruce R. Cook The Residents to do the soundtrack.

- "Where is she?" and "Passing The Bottle" were played live at "The 13th Anniversery Show".

- It was released on red vinyl in the same year.