Duck Stab Buster

Sinister Exaggerator is the second song off the 1978 album Duck Stab!/Buster & Glenn, or the fifth song on the Duck Stab! EP.

Lyrics Edit

Your life is leaning downhill

Sloping off the outer edge

Your undetermined oyster beds

Were found to be a hedge

You cause the kids of Elmer Fudd

To feed the farmer whose

Cadaver's filled with onion rings

And feet are filled with glue

Now sinister exaggerator

What's your claim to fame?

Is still your favorite Ferlingetti

Found in Auntie Maim?

Your alter life is superceded

Only from above

Your hear is like a silken sponge

That calls saliva love

Trivia Edit

  • Primus covered this song on the 1992 EP Miscellaneous Debris

Source Edit

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