The Residents - Fire '99 - Santa Dog 2nd Millenium09:56

The Residents - Fire '99 - Santa Dog 2nd Millenium


Front cover of the "Refused" cd.

"Refused" is a compilation released by The Residents. It compiles the various versions of "Santa Dog" released over the years, and some new tracks. It was released as a limited edition of 1,333 copies in 1999.

Track ListingEdit

- Santa Dog '84 (Unfinished- A Work in Progress)

- Fire

- Lightning

- Explosion

- Aircraft Damage

- Flood

- Santa Dog '78 

- Famine

- Santa Dog '88

- Plague

- Santa Dog NYE (Live)


- Where are your Dogs? Show us your Ugly!

- Fire '99/ Santa Dog 2nd Millennium


- The limited edition of 1,333 was chosen because 1999 minus 1,333 is 666, "The number of the beast". 

- "Fire '99/ Santa Dog 2nd Millennium" also appeared on the compilation "" in 2000.

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