The Residents - Prelude to "The Teds"12:11

The Residents - Prelude to "The Teds"

Prelud of The Teds

Front cover of the "Prelude of The Teds" cd.

"Prelude of The Teds" is a cd ep released by The Residents. It contains four tracks recorded for "Hello Recording Club". It was released in 1993.

Track ListingEdit

- Teddy

- I Tried to Cry

- Cry of the Crow

- Struggle


- All of these tracks later appeared on "Roosevelt" from the box set "Our poor, our tired, huddled masses" in 1997.

- "Struggle" shares a strong resemblence to "I'm dreaming of a White Sailor", suggesting that they may have written these compositions at the same time as "Our Finest Flowers".

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