The Residents - Perfect Goat02:57

The Residents - Perfect Goat

Our Finest Flowers

Front cover of "Our Finest Flowers".

"Our Finest Flowers" is an album released by The Residents. The tracks are medlys of various Residents songs. It was released in 1992 for their 20th anniversery.

Track ListingEdit

- Gone Again

- The Sour Song

- Six Amber Things

- Mr. Lonely

- Perfect Goat

- Blue Tounges

- Jungle Bunny

- I'm Dreaming of a White Sailor 

- Or Maybe a Marine

- Kick a Picnic

- Dead Wood

- Baby Sister

- Forty- Four No More

- He Also Serves

- Ship of Fools

- Be Kind to U-WEB Footed Friends


- Supposedly, The Residents wrote down a list of songs for a greatest hits album. But one of the members got sick and threw up on the list, and only parts of the song titles showed. So they used what they were able to read to come up for song titles. 

- "Kick a Picnic" and "He Also Serves" both have videos, and were performed live at the "Icky Flix" tour. 

- Remixes of "Blue Tounges", "Jungle Bunny", "He Also Serves", "Dead Wood", and "Ship of Fools" appeared on the mp3 "RMX" in 2009. 

- The CD version of this album was the first release on Euro Ralph.

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