The Residents - Laughing Song (Edit)

The Residents - Laughing Song (Edit)

Please do not steal it!

Front cover of "Please do not steal it!".

  "Nibbles" and "Please do not steal it!" are compiliations released by The Residents. They contain tracks from the albums "Meet the residents" to "Duck stab". They were both released in 1979.

Track ListingEdit

- You yesyesyes

- Santa Dog '78

- Gloria

- Excerpt from "Rest Aria"

- Semolina

- The Spot (Snakefinger)

- Excerpt from "Never Known Questions"


- Laughing Song

- Excerpt from "Making of the Soul"

- Skratz

- Good Lovin'

- Blue Rosebuds

- Excerpt from "Six Things to a Cycle"

- The Electrocutioner


- Although "Please do not steal it!" was released on Ralph Records, "Nibbles" was released on Virigin.

- The back cover of "Please do not steal it!" says "This record is intended for promotional purposes only and is of course not to be sold".

- "Please do not steal it!" is a limited editon of 975 copies, while "Nibbles" has 2000 copies.