THE RESIDENTS the moles are coming 198202:58

THE RESIDENTS the moles are coming 1982

Louisiana's Lick

Front cover of the "Louisiana's Lick" cd.

"Louisiana's Lick" is a compilation by The Residents. It contains tracks from "Santa Dog" all the way to "The Gingerbread Man". It was released in 1995.

Track ListingEdit

- The Aging Musicican

- Harry the Head

- Perfect Goat

- Smack Your Lips

- Hellno

- Mousetrap

- Shorty's Lament

- This is a Man's,Man's,Man's World

- Dumbo the Clown

- Hello Skinny

- Mahogany Wood

- Boo Who?

- Satisfaction

- Beyond the Valley in a Day in the life

- Seasoned Greetings

- Santa Dog (Fire)


-"Shorty's Lament" is mislabeled, and is actually "Moles are Coming".

- "Santa Dog" is not listed on the back cover or gatefold of the cd.

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