The Residents - Don't Be Cruel02:22

The Residents - Don't Be Cruel

King and eye

Front cover of the "King and eye" album.

"King and eye" is an album released by The Residents. The album consists of covers of Elvis songs. It was released in 1989.

Track ListingEdit

- Blue Suede Shoes

- Baby King, pt.1

- Don't be Cruel

- Heartbreak Hotel

- All Shook Up

- Return to Sender

- Baby King, pt.2

- Teddy Bear

- Devil in Disguise

- Stuck on You

- Big Hunk O' Love

- A Fool Such as I

- Baby King, pt.3

- Little Sister

- His Latest Flame

- Burning Love

- Viva Las Vegas

- Baby King, pt.4

- Love me Tender

- Baby King, pt.5

- Hound Dog


- "Dont be Cruel" has a music video made in the same year.

- All the songs off this album were performed on the "Cube-e" tour.

-Each 'Baby King' track has the same musical accompaniment running under the dialogue, which is an alternate instrumental version of "Hound Dog". The backing music was later released on "Daydream B Liver" as "Dog Glue".

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