The Residents - The Hunters Full Album

The Residents - The Hunters Full Album


Front cover of the "Hunters" cd.

"Hunters (The World of Predators and Prey" is a soundtrack released by The Residents. It is a soundtrack for The Discovery Show channel of the same name. It was released in 1995.

Track ListingEdit

- Hunters Prelude

- The Deadly Game

- Tooth and Claw

- The Dangerous Sea

- Rulers of the Deep

- Track of the Cat

- The Giant Grizzlies

- Dawn of the Dragons

- Eye of the Serpent

- The Crawling Kingdom

- The Savage Pack

- Hunters Reprise


- The series was 10 hours long, so this is the longest sountrack the Residents ever done.

- This is the third soundtrack the Residents ever recorded, the other two being "Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats?" and "The Census Taker".

- A rejected track from the album, "Hunters", appeared later on the compilation ".Com".