The Residents - Hit the Road Jack04:03

The Residents - Hit the Road Jack

Hit the road Jack

The front cover of the "Hit the Road Jack (Special Almost Dance Mix)" single.

"Hit the road jack" is a single released by The Residents. There are two versions of the single, one being the 7 inch version, and the second being the "Special Almost Dance Mix", which is a 12 single. Both were released in 1987.

Track Listing (7 inch version and 12 inch)Edit

7 inch versionEdit

- Hit the Road Jack

- Excerpt from "Fur Elise"

12 inch versionEdit

- Hit the Road Jack (Special Almost Dance Mix)

- Jambalaya

- Firefly/The Big Bubble

- Cry for the Fire


- "Hit the Road Jack" was going to appear on the third part of the "American Composer Series", which would combine the music of Ray Charles and Sun Ra.

-"Hit the Road Jack" has appeared on numerous cd/ mp3 compiliations. 

- "Hit the Road Jack" also was used as a bonus track for the "Commercial Album" cd reissue.

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