The Residents - God in Three Persons (1988) Full Album01:01:41

The Residents - God in Three Persons (1988) Full Album

God in three persons

Cover of the "God in three persons" soundtrack album.

"God in 3 persons" is a story album released in 1987. The story revolves around Mr. X, and two Siamese twins who have healing powers. He falls in love with one of the twins, and he describes the events that occur after he meets the twins. 

Track ListingEdit

- Main Titles (God in three persons)

- Hard and Tenderly

- Devotion?

- The Thing About Them

- Their Early Years

- Loss of A Loved One

- The Touch

- The Service

- Confused (By what I felt inside)

- Fine Fat Flies

- Time

- Silver, sharp, and Could Not Care

- Kiss of Flesh

- Pain and Pleasure


- There also is an instrumental soundtrack version of the album released in 1988. It was pressed on clear vinyl. 

- A tour was originally planned for this album.

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