The Residents - Double Shot18:44

The Residents - Double Shot

Double Shot

Front cover of the "Double Shot" single.

"Double Shot" is a single released by The Residents. The A side is a cover of "Double shot of my baby's love", and the B side is an instrumental version of "The Thing About Them" from "God in 3 persons". It was released in 1988.

Track ListingEdit

- Double Shot

- The Thing About Them (Instrumental)

(Cd version- Torso)

- Double Shot

- Loss of a Loved One (Extended version)

- Kiss of Flesh (Instrumental)


-  Covers of "Double Shot" also appears on "Third Reich N' Roll" and "Stranger than Supper".

- There's also  instrumental versions of "The Thing About Them" and "Kiss of Flesh" on the "God in 3 persons sountrack album". 

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