The Residents - 1999

The Residents - 1999

Dot com

Front cover of the "" cd.

"Dot.Com" is a compilation released by The Residents. It compiles various mp3s that were available on Ralph America's original website. It was released as a limited edition of 1,200 copies in 2000.

Track ListingEdit

- The Sour Song

- Nineteen- Ninety- Nine

- Ninth Rain

- Wanda

- Conceiving Ada Titles

- Paint it Black

- Hunters

- Eskimo Opera

- Walter Westinghouse (Live at the Fillmore)

- I Murdered Mommy

- I Hear Ya Got Religion

- Santa Dog for Gamelan Orchestra

- Fire '99/ Santa Dog 2nd Millenium


- "The Sour Song" is a demo version from the "Our Finest Flowers" sessions.

- "Wanda" is from the 1995 "Freak Show Prauge" performance.

- "Conceiving Ada Titles" is from the soundtrack of  the Lynn Hershman Leeson film of the same name in 1996.

- "Hunters" is an instrumental from the "Hunters" soundtrack.

- "Eskimo Opera" is from an abanoded project from 1992. 

- "Walter Westinghouse" was recorded live at the Fillmore in 1998. It was never released as an mp3, and this is the first time it has appeared.

- "I Murdered Mommy" is an instrumental from the soundtrack of a rejected CD-ROM from 1996.

- "I Hear Ya Got Religion" is the first Residents song recorded, dating back to 1969. 

- "Santa Dog for Gamelan Orchestra" is an instrumental orchestral number from 2000.

- "Fire '99/ Santa Dog 2nd Millenium" is from the 1999 cd "Refused".