The Residents - Life Would Be Wonderful03:57

The Residents - Life Would Be Wonderful

Demons Dance Alone

Front cover of the "Demons Dance Alone" cd.

"Demons Dance Alone" is an album by The Residents. The concept is that the album reflects the emotions about the 9-11 attack. It was released in 2002.

Track ListingEdit

- I. Tounge

- Mr.Wonderful

- The Weatherman

- Ghost Child

- Caring

- Honey Bear

- The Car Thief

- Neediness

- Thundering Skies

- Mickey Macaroni

- Betty's Body

- My Brother Paul

- Baja

- The Beekeeper's Daughter

- Wolverines

- Make me Moo

- Demons Dance Alone

(Bonus Tracks- Limited edition/Early Scratch recordings)

- SleepWalker

- Hidden Hand (Instrumental)

- Black Cats

- Weatherman

- Make Me Moo

- The Car Thief

- The Brother Paul

- Caring

- Honey Bear

- Wolverines

- Mickey Macaroni

- Demons Dance Alone

- Happy Thanksgiving

- Hidden Hand (Vocal)

- Vampire

- Tortured


- This album has a tour that went through all of 2002 and 2003.

- Many of the songs from this album have appeared on cd/mp3 compilations, and been performed live at numerous tours.

- The cd came with a booklet that stated "The Residents have left the building".

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