The Residents - Daydream In Space

The Residents - Daydream In Space

Daydream B Liver

Front cover of the "Daydream B Liver" cd.

"Daydream B- Liver" is a compilation released by The Residents. It compiles rare and unreleased tracks from 1971 to 1991. It was released in 1991.

Track ListingEdit

- Daydream In Space

- Dog Glue

- Dear Brother

- Pictures Of Life's Other Side

- I'm so lonesome I could cry

- A Live Radio Broadcast

- The Boarding House

- King Kong

- All Tha' Freaks

- From the Plains to Mexico

- Wistful Break

-  Burning Love

- Daydream Believer


- The album is broken into three parts- "The Hank Williams Death And Despair Trilogy In Waltz Time", "Before There Was Snakefinger There Was P.C. Lithman - Before There Was The Un-Named Band There Was A Band With No Name - Before There Was Time And Space There Was N. Senada",and "Ninteen Ninties". "Daydream in Space" and "Dog Glue aren't in any of these parts.

-"Daydream in Space" is a track from the rejected "American Composers Series part 3- Ray Charles and Sun Ra". "Hit the Road Jack" was also going to be featured on the album.

- "Dear Brother", "Pictures of Lifes Other Side", and "I'm So Lonesome I could Cry" are rejects from "Stars and Hank Forever!".

- "A Live Radio Broadcast", "The Boarding House" and "King Kong" were all recorded in 1971. This is the first time the full Boarding House performance was released.

- "All tha Freaks" is from a jam during the sessions of "Freak Show".

- "Wistful Break" and "Burning Love" are rehearsals for a live appearance on a German TV show.

- "Daydream Believer" was recorded just for this album.

- "Dog Glue" is the instrumental track in the background of the "Baby King" sections of "The King and Eye".

- "From the plains to Mexico" is the original single version.